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UnboundID API for eDirectory

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UnboundID API for eDirectory


   We are using UnboundId API for some data operations over directories (Active Directory and eDirectory). Issue we are running into is that it never returns a result, any time we are trying to search for an entry under eDirectory. Same code works fine for Active Directory. Any suggestions?


SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest(searchOU, SearchScope.SUB, "(cn=*)");
SearchResult sr =;
if(null != sr && sr.getEntryCount() > 0){
List<SearchResultEntry> searchEntryList = sr.getSearchEntries();
for(SearchResultEntry sre : searchEntryList){
groupList.add(directoryName.contains("Active Directory") ? sre.getAttributeValue("distinguishedName") : sre.getAttributeValue("cn"));


UnboundID ubid_lee
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Re: UnboundID API for eDirectory

Three things to check if you are getting no results from an LDAP search:

  1. The base DN - searchOU - does this exist on the eDirectory server?
  2. The filter - "(cn=*)" - do the entries under the baseDN have values for the cn attribute?
  3. The bind permissions - Does the user that was used to bind on the "conn" object have permission to search on the "cn" attribute and permission to read entries under the searchOU.