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Sync notification mode - other directories

UnboundID TonyS
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Sync notification mode - other directories



Ping Directory or Alcatel-Lucent 8661 Directory are identified in the Sync Admin Guide (and other places) as the only valid sources for a Sync Pipe using Notification Mode.


Is this purely because of the required structure of the changelog, or do other factors apply?


Ultimately, we're looking to understand whether it might be possible to configure a Tivoli directory to be able to take advantage of the lighter weight Notification Mode for their Sync processing.




UnboundID KevinL
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Re: Sync notification mode - other directories

Hi Tony, yes the reason is that notification mode requires a special
changelog structure that only the Ping and ALU (rebranded Ping) provides.
You cannot use a non-Ping/ALU server as a source for notification mode.