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Installing DSEE on CentOS 7

UnboundID BertoldK
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Installing DSEE on CentOS 7

This is from Karmen (I don't remember the name of the library, but you may already know the answer):


I installed DSEE 11g on a Centos 7 image on Scalr. And I'm getting this error:

./dsconf: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I tried to install the compat-gcc and compat-gcc-c++ libraries but they were not available in Centos 7. Any ideas?

UnboundID _-rc-_
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Re: Installing DSEE on CentOS 7

dsconf requires the 32-bit version of libstdc++, try installing this package on your CentOS 7 system:


yum -y install libstdc++-4.8.5-11.el7.i686